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You might wonder if I did my own low level compiler for Wonderswan. But no, I did not. This page was only made to give you a smal opinion about 8086 compilers I had tryed to do Wonderswan Software.


The Netwise Assembler is the absolute first choice if it comes to do something on the Wonderswan. It is nice, smal, has clean syntax and produces an output without any operating system headers or such kind of stuff.

The bad thing: It's 'just' assembler and this means dealing with the Wonderswan blows up into dealing with 8086 in general. It worths the efford. That all I can tell. Smallow it down, and start learning Assembler.


Borland Turbo-C is part of computer siences history. Why do we mentoin it? Do we expect to use accient software in general? Well. No. And yes. The Borland Turbo-C compiler had been one of the best at its time and many ppl used it as theyr first C compiler.

Using it for our purposes works .. fine. The code is clean. First of all I need to say that you cant use any of the C compilers without some inline assembly. In fact u simply cant set cpu-ports without.

Besides of that Turbo-C works like a charm. Except for one f*cking thing: It do not supports far-data. Yes. You cannot use more than more Memory Bank. Of course you could solve that using inline assembler again, but that wont fix your pointers! Thats why Turbo-C would be great, but is complete useless.

Open Watcom

To make it short: Back then in 2006 everyone said me “Dont use it. Use Assembler!” I took it as challange. My advice: Dont use it. Reather chop an icepicle repeatly into your nose than use it. I dont even know where to start if it comes to the problems I had. Watcom does what it wants. Puts values from registers to stacks, back and forth. Has one million of #pragmas that you need to use.

I say it in short: If u use watcom you will have a bad time and end into doing so much inline assembly, that you would wish you just had done it using asm in the first place.


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