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Dragon Basic is “one of thoose basic thingies for Handhelds” created by Jeff Massung around 2003.

For many years it had be punned for 1.) beeing basic and 2.) not beeing free. Thats right. The Dragon Basic compiler was a sold software with a trial Edition, whitch had an limited maximum for the binary size.

Even thought I never had been an big Fan of Dragon Basic, I think it is a good thing to start with, if you want to learn something about “Handheld Hardware”, but do not feel strong in C, C++ or Assembler.

Ulrich Hecht seems to somehow got his hands to the original source and made it public. Right now (April 2015) the project looks pretty alive and got many commits. Unfortunatly the build process is somewhat depending. Thats why I messed around for some hours to give you this download option. Enjoy.

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